Hi again Amy

Fascinating stuff, I must take a closer look sometime. :)

It really doesn't look as if it presents any complex layout problems in 
terms of the approach that's been discussed. CSS-based approaches to 2 
and 3 column layouts are widely covered in online docs and tutorials, 
particularly relating to blogging software like Wordpress (e.g., and 
mostly revolve around this kind of structure:

     <div id="outer">
       <div id="wrapper">
         <div id="header"></div>
         <div id="content">
           <div id="content-side"></div>
           <div id="content-main"></div>
         <div id="footer"></div>

So you'd only need to tweak your XSLT to output <div>s instead of HTML 
documents, apart from the frameset template, which will probably look a 
lot like the skeleton example above. Then get busy with the CSS...!

All the best


Amy McCrory wrote:

> Richard,
> This way to the finding aid: 
> And, for what it's worth, the XSLT: 
> Many thanks to everyone who posted advice!  I'll be looking at all the 
> suggestions and figuring out what I might do.
> Amy

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