This is an obvious question that grows less obvious the more I think 
about it.  I'm hoping that someone on the list has a brilliant 
explanation that will clear up my confusion.

I am trying to develop an understanding of the different types of 
<origination>.  DACS says that "...the creator is typically the 
corporate body, family, or person responsible for an entire body of 
materials"(Chapter 9, Purpose and Scope), but I'm uncertain how 
specifically or literally to take that--particularly in using the labels 
"creator" or "collector".

Here's my example:
   In our Collection of Sarah Orne Jewett materials, there are not only 
items created by her, but also articles about her.  It seems clear that 
she's the 'creator', but then I start to second-guess myself because 
it's not all hers.  Do I need to make any provisions for that?

   Also, what if a portion of the papers were given to the college by 
one person--there would then be both a "creator" and a "collector"?

Thanks for helping us out as we get started,


Alisia Wygant
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