Did your administrator check the permissions for these files?

>>> [log in to unmask] 2/7/2006 6:57 AM >>>
No, I'm not able to get into either the iso-lat1.ent or ead.dtd files
through my browser -- although our administrator assures me that they're

I did not make any modifications to the DTD, although I did make a few
alterations to the stylesheet, and I created some extra tags in the
document itself, so it is not valid EAD. It -is- well-formed, however,
and it does come up normally when I try to open it from the files in my
computer. Could the invalidity be having an effect?


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Christopher S.,
Well, I could not get to this file.


Can you get this ent file to come up in your browser?

I could not get the ent file to come up. I got an error message
instead. (file not found)

I had success with the following url:


Mike Ferrando
Library Technician
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

--- Christopher Shea <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I've written a couple of pages of EAD for our archive's online
> finding
> aids, and have just sent them to our system administrator to upload
> to
> the Web, along with all supporting materials -- stylesheet, DTD,
> and the
> ISO files (iso-lat1.ent, iso-grk, iso-cyr, et al). However, he's
> reported the following error to me:


> The system cannot locate the object specified. Error processing
> resource
> 'http://www.delamed.org/Archives/iso-lat1.ent'. L...

> %isolat1; %isolat2;
> ---------^


> Can anyone more knowledgeable than me about XML explain what's
> going
> wrong here? Yes, the path given is correct, and the file is
> present.




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> Christopher Shea
> Staff archivist, Delaware Academy of Medicine
> 1925 Lovering Avenue
> Wilmington, DE 19806


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