While there are many ways to create disaster planning documents, in all cases such documents have a critical piece that provides resources for experts, supplies, and services for disaster recovery and mitigation.  The Disaster Preparedness website is hosted at Michigan State University and provides vetted resources for disaster recovery. 
New features at include multiple state searching, state plus national resource searching, and many additional entries that cover much of the country.  

We welcome you to use this resource, which also allows you to download your search results to an Excel file for inclusion in your written disaster plan.  Sample disaster plans and other resources are also on the site. 

Please note:  If you have resources that you feel would be a useful addition, please consider adding them, or contact FEDLINK or Jeanne Drewes (contact information below) to see about getting them added to this website. 

Partial funding for this updated and much improved resource was accomplished through funding from the California Preservation Program. 

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