I bring you news of some METS Profile related issues.

1) Morgan Cundiff from the Library of Congress has submitted a new profile that has passed the initial check of the [log in to unmask] listserv.  I am now forwarding a link with information about the profile for community and editorial board review.


2) At the last METS Editorial Board meeting, we approved a modification to the Profile registration process which we hope will streamline things. 

Before a profile is submitted to the METS Editorial Board and the Library of Congress for registration, it must undergo an initial check by the members of the [log in to unmask] listserv. This review is intended to be an initial technical check of the profile. Submissions must conform to the METS Profile XML Schema. All submissions must contain the major sections identified above, and in the order stated. The [log in to unmask] listserv may contact the profile submitter(s) to request clarification or amendments to a profile submission. Once any possible technical issues have been addressed, the proposed profile will be sent simultaneously to the METS Editorial Board and the METS mailing list at [log in to unmask]

This review is intended to give the larger METS community an opportunity to review a profile, identify any areas which appear problematic or unclear and provide suggestions for improvement to the profile's authors. After a two week review on the public list, the Board should finalize and approve the profile. Once the board has accepted the profile submission, it will be forwarded to the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office and made available through the METS web site at http://www.loc.gov/mets/ . The MARC Standards Office will assign the URI to a new profile and apply it to the profile documentation and example.

3) In the next couple of weeks, the METS Profile section of the METS web site will be slightly improved, with HTML versions of the METS Profile documentation and HTML versions of all the registered profiles (for those of you who glaze over when you try to read raw XML).

-- Brian Tingle