Here at UCLA we use the File use filed in our DB (that maps directly to METS File Use ) to differentiate between

archive master



In fact, those are the three values we use, regardless of data type. An image might have all three, but audio only the first two etc.

We use File Uses in our code to determine what we are sending to the CDL DPR.

This is useful because you might have numerous FileGroups for an archive master but this enables to have a good way of grouping

Curtis Fornadley
Digital Library Architect

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Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2006 12:48 pm
Subject: [METS] file USE attribute
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> Hello, folks.
> At UCSD and other sites in the UC system we are trying to reach
> understanding of how to use the file USE attribute for <fileGrp> or
> <file> in <fileSec>. According to the METS documentation, the
> file
> USE attribute is "an optional string attribute indicating the
> intended use of all the files within this file group (e.g.,
> master,
> reference, thumbnails for image files)."
> We are currently developing a METS profile that can be applied to
> objects that can include image, text, audio, and video file
> formats. Consequently, we need USE values for file formats other
> than those typically used for image file formats. However, we are
> simply not certain how important the USE attribute is for
> processing
> METS instances.
> Here are some specific questions:
> 1) What was the motivation for providing the option to express a
> file's intended use?
> 2) How are institutions using the USE attribute in processing
> METS instances?
> 3) What are the values institutions are using to encode the USE
> attribute?
> 4) Would there be benefit to the METS user community in a
> standardized and extensible list of file USE attribute values?
> We would be very appreciative of any light you can shed on these
> questions?
> Thanks,
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