Hi, all,

This is a *very* basic question (a few of us are working on a METS pilot 
project and are sort of learning as we go), but has anyone experienced 
XMLSpy validation problems when MODS is used to provide descriptive metadata 
in a METS document? At the top of my METS document, I refer to the 
namespaces for METS and MODS, along with some other namespaces, and I add 
the schema location info for METS and MODS:

<mets:mets xmlns:mets="" 
xmlns:xlink="" xmlns="" 

Have I done anything illegal here? I'm hand encoding a test record, and 
XMLSpy OKs it as well formed, but it doesn't validate. Instead, XMLSpy opens 
mods-3-0.xsd and, with the cursor on line 5, which is the xsd:import 
statement of the W3 namespace for XLink and the schema location statement 
for the xlink.xsd schema at the LC MODS site, gives the error message:

This file is not valid: Unable to load schema with target namespace 
'' from 

Does the schema location need to refer to the same URI the one stated in the 
namespace for XLink? I'm sure there's no problem with the MODS schema, so I 
must be missing something or stating something incorrectly (and I'll be 
mortified when someone tells me how basic the error I made is).

Many thanks and have a good weekend.

Marsha Maguire
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