Hi All,
There has been wonderful work on crosswalk mappings and the ability to convert & express metadata in various standards/formats.
I am a computer analyst and during my assignments at The National Library Board, Singapore. I had come up with similar challenges to create a utility to crosswalk humungous amount of data from marc21 to dc.
The quick fix approach however was painfully creating one simple xslt file which will be used to convert/crosswalk the data and the program handled the storage and other trivial issues.
I was never pleased with the above idea though and comeup with a whitepaper which i would love to share with all those interested.
The whitepaper breifly was about creating a utility which would have enough GUI flexibilty to physically map elements accross schemas of 2 different standards and this mapping gets stored in an xml-database.
Thus you have a very strong repository of mappings instead of cumbersome xslt's and the software would take care of the conversion in a jiffy.
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Hi Simon,

I think that an article in D-Lib Magazine from December 2004 had an article just on this topic, but I am not sure how it all developed since then.


-- stan

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Hello to all,

It may be a little off topic, but I consider it worth a try:

- I wonder if there are any possibilities to formally describe metadata mappings/crosswalks? Best in XML or RDF. Has there at all been any agreement upon a way to describe a mapping/crosswalk?

- Does anyone know a source that lists internationally accepted mappings/crosswalks?



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