"Reformatted digital" has been used to mean it has been reformatted into
digital from the original analog. "Digitized other analog" would mean that
it has been digitized from some other source than the original, such as a
microform or some other intermediate, like a photocopy.

In MARC terms, reformatted digital would be used to mean the same as value
"a" (File reproduced from original) and "digitized other analog" would
include both value "b" (file reproduced from microform) and value
"d" (File reproduced from an intermediate (not microform)) in Electronic
resources 007/11 (Antecedent/source).


On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, Riley, Jenn wrote:

> Hi Rebecca-
> Can you clarify what the distinction between "reformatted digital" and
> "digitized other analog", as listed below, would be? 
> Thanks!
> Jenn
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> > 
> > Now the MODS values are:
> > born digital
> > reformatted digital (which means reformatted to digital from 
> > the original) 
> > 
> > We want to add:
> > digitized microfilm (MARC code b)
> > digitized other analog (MARC code d)
> > 
> > In the next full version of MODS (4.0) we could change 
> > "reformatted digital" to something more precise (to bring out 
> > that it means digitized from analog). Since this version 
> > should not invalidate existing instances, we would not want 
> > to make that change now.