PCC Membership:

Many of you were present in San Antonio when the proposed strategic
directions for the PCC (2006-2010) were unveiled.  Thanks to John Mitchell
and Anthony Franks, Coop Team, the SDs have now been posted on the strategic
planning web site:

Between now and the PoCo meeting in November, when the Committee will ratify
the next strategic plan, I hope the membership can engage in a period of
reflection and discussion.  I encourage everyone to take a closer look and
think about whether these directions plot appropriate pathways for the PCC.
Beyond that, I encourage everyone to begin thinking about specific ways in
which the goals could be actualized and pursued as part of the tactical
implementation of the plan.  Ask yourself, what type of action plan is
required to move the organization in the directions that these strategic
goals point?

The PCC List remains an option for discussion of these issues; however,
there are several other tools that are also available to you:  a discussion
blog and a Writeboard.  The blog is intended to provide more of a small
group atmosphere in which to share ideas.  The Writeboard is an easy to use,
group editing tool.  You can make changes to the strategic directions
document and save a new version.  The various versions are preserved and can
be compared.  For reasons of privacy and security, the use of both of these
tools requires authentication.  Please send me an e-mail message requesting
access to the blog and/or Writeboard, and I will be happy to set you up.

I look forward to a productive and stimulating discussion about our future