This is an implementation question.

In schema v1.1 there's an attribute "type" for the "object" element.
Although optional, it's set to enumerate either "file",
"representation", or "bitstream". I think this attribute is redundant
because the objectCatgory contains the same information. 

Also it hinders further extension, because in case of more object
categories are needed, this attribute needs to be modified each time an
extension is proposed. 

Even no extension is expected, it still adds unwanted complexity to a
hierarchical schema. I'm working on a schema that first defines an
abstract objectType, then extend it to three or even more different
types, e.g., fileObjectType, bitstreamObjectType,
representationObjectType. If we must have this attribute, I'll have to
further restrict the extended types to accommodate this redundant

Is there any special reason we need this attribute?


Zhiwu Xie

Graduate Research Assistant
Research Library
Los Alamos National Lab