1. A question about "keyInformation". 

XML signature defines a keyInfoType, which is an open architecture that
allows the user to choose from some exisitng key schemas or define their
own (there is a "any" element to choose from). This seems very suitable
for our use. However the PREMIS data dictionary proposed another
keyInformation element structure. With this structure it is difficult to
record some well-established key structure such as x.509 or PGP. Is
there any way that we can make use of the XML signature keyInfoType in

2. An implementation question.

I read through the sections about the digital signature, esp p. 4-6 to
4-8. In page 2-54 the usage notes said several components were taken fom
XML signature but did not specify which. This question is just to
confirm that the following elements are taken directly from XML
signature therefore the schema shall import XML signature types to
validate them:


The existing schema uses only strings for the above elements, but XML
signature has types with exactly the same name so I guess these need to
be changed.


Zhiwu Xie

Graduate Research Assistant
Research Library
Los Alamos National Lab