1.  Name of the institution or organization implementing PREMIS

National Snow and Ice Data Center

2.  The project name

We don't actually have a project name, though I supposed if pushed we could invent one!

3.  A short description of the project

The OAIS reference model is one of NSIDC's guiding documents as an archive.  Several
years ago, we decided to use the OAIS reference model in developing a schema for storing
preservation information about our science data sets - we already are NASA DIF and FGDC-compliant
in that regard.  In the meantime, the PREMIS group came out with their schema.  As an
experiment, since implementation was still ongoing, we chose to make our schema PREMIS 

4.  Projected dates of implementation

Completion and transfer to operations is expected in April, 2006

5.  A URL to the project web site (if available)

None, this is an internal project

6.  A URL to any available documentation or specifications developed for
the project

We have an internal website but at this point it is not generally accessible.  The 
publically accessible NSIDC data catalog can be found at

7.  A list of any tools developed and or used as part of the project
(e.g. to extract metadata)

We have developed schema extensions to our central data catalog, along with
web-based tools for population.

8.  Contact name and e-mail address

R. Duerr ([log in to unmask])