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SRW/U specifies an optional 'numberOfRecords' sub-parameter in the
response for a scan operation.  I'm wondering how best to aggregate the
'numberOfRecords' data according to different fields.  For example, if a
search index contains records from multiple collections, you might want to
break down the number of records from each collection.  Or, by a
particular metadata field, such as dc.type.

I can't find anything built into the specification that explicitly allows
this kind of kind of aggregation.  Is it something one would do with an
'extraTermData' extension, similar to the 'requestedTerm' example?  That
example is here:

Has anyone tried to do this kind of aggregation with a local
implementation of SRW/U?  Any advice is appreciated, including thoughts on
the general question of the advisability of hacking on the SRW/U spec to
meet local needs.

Will Sexton
Metadata Architect / Programmer
Duke University Libraries

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