The SRU Editorial Board has developed a -proposal for CQL indexes, for
discussion at the March 1-2 meeting.

 The proposal is in three parts and covers  three context sets (1) mods, (2)
marc, (3) openurl.  These are intended to server distinctly different
The MODS set is intended for bibliographic searching. The proposed MODS
indexes are based on the MODS schema - they do not presume that the data
being searched is MODS, but MODS is used for reference semantics. (This
somwhat analogous to Z39.50 bib-1 and MARC. The semantics of the bib-1 core
Use attributes are defined in terms of MARC.)

The MARC set is for searching on specific MARC fields, subfields, and
substrings; it is intended for users who are familiar and more comfortable
with the MARC format and prefer to formulate queries using MARC vocabulary.

The OpenURL CQL Context Set consists of a set of indexes corresponding to
OpenURL keys - for book, journal, dissertation, patent, and scholarly
community service.  These indexes are primarily intended for the use of
resolvers, which upon receiving an openURL, wish to locate the desired item
via SRU.  These are not intended for general bibliographic searching.

We welcome comments and discussion on this proposal.

--Ray Denenberg