While not disagreeing with your premise, I have seen 1970s mastering 
notes shoved into the tape box that had 0.1 dB step attenuator 
settings on mastering equalizers. I suspect in those days they were 
made with Daven step-attenuator (or similar) controls.



At 01:56 PM 3/25/2006, Marcos Sueiro wrote:
>I think we are saying the same thing. Again, I believe we are making 
>these minute changes because we can; and esp. because these days we 
>can recall many parameters. Musicians, producers and engineers --we 
>are all caught up in this (hey, it's even sort of fun!).
>Consider tempo, for example, versus EQ. The former is unrepeatable 
>(by human musicians anyway) to minute resolutions, while the latter 
>is. I'd submit the former is far more important, but we change the 
>latter, because we can.

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