from a listener.  I couldn't view the cites (sites);  maybe you'll have 
better luck.

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Bowed Bass on 78's

Posted: Sun,  5 Mar 2006 10:44:50 -0800

From: [log in to unmask]( David Sanderson )

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Subject: Bowed Bass on 78's

Message: Hi - I'm finally getting around to responding to your comments on 
bowed bass on early recordings, from your show several weeks ago.  I have 
done considerable work on Mellie Dunham, famous in the mid-20's, and will 
direct you to his Victor sides, made in early 1926, fiddle/piano/bowed 
bass w/calls.  Go to my Web pages: scroll down for sound 
files of the recordings.  The best bass is on "Rippling Waves," Mellie's 
great waltz.  This is early electric recording, as you know, and may fit 
in with the developments you were talking about on the radio.  For my 
publication about Dunham and his career, go to: will give you 
details.  The bassist/caller was Nathan Noble, Dunham's son-in-law; the 
pianist was Nate's daughter, Cherry, one of nine grandchildren.  I will 
recommend to you the descriptions of Dunham's Keith vaudeville 
performances in my biography, remarkable eyewitness!
  accounts of a 72-year-old Maine farmer who had never performed on stage, 
and proceeded to stop the show at the biggest Keith houses in the 
country.David SandersonEast Waterford, 
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