On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, George Brock-Nannestad wrote:

> ----- nobody in power has really been happy with the masses' access to
> knowledge, and the moment money talks (i.e. the libraries need a lot of money
> for expensive inner-city premises, staff, and repairs of the materials),
> cheap fixes will be sought - and found. One fix is "oh, has nobody requested
> this for 25 years; well, then obviously nobody needs it".

Oh, how true this is. I look at the treasures I have seen deleted from our
public library and placed in the book sales for next to nothing. Sometimes
I have "rescued" items in the hope of find a good home for them. I am
reminded of a full set of Source Magazine I found at our Public Library
sale. When I gave it to a friend (I had paid $10 for the full set)
he was thrilled. Come to think of it, with single volumes
selling for about $200 these days, I wonder if he might have sold them...

> ----- nevertheless, there is so much stuff that you can only obtain by inter-
> library loans, stuff that used to be quite widespread. I know, because I have
> given up and I buy the originals from the web, which is teeming with de-
> accessioned materials, materials that were once available to the general
> public and which is now only available to me (and those who read what I
> write, based on this material).
> I think the situation is desperate.

I am still burning from being forced into selling about 3,000 78s for $10
at surplus (not $10 per disc but $10 for all of them)...and there were a
few very good discs there.