On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Not everyone has to have
> access to the original Gutenberg Bible.

We do, as we have a Gutenberg on campus. I believe it is seen not so much
as an artifact, but a "status symbol." While I don't know if we still do
this, I was once told that when we would scan books, we would destroy the

> I don't think that the "replacement" concept as in replacing horse
> and buggies with automobiles is valid for traditional libraries being
> replaced by computer networks. We still need the repositories for
> traditional the artifacts.

I agree completely. Funtionality can change...across the street from
campus we have a Texas State History "Museum." I use quotes around museum
since it has no collection of its own, but is merely a fancy movie
theater and exhibition hall.

> Now, if I could only impart my inquisitiveness to my two boys.
> Slowly, I think it's working...but it's frustrating. Often they
> prefer The World According to Disney to The Real World. I hope they
> understand the difference.

There are times that I think that it has taken me 58 years to begin to see
the difference...