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> > As I mentioned before on this of our faculty who has been
> > working with microbial cellulose. He has this idea that it can replace the
> > newspaper. His material can be very thin and used like paper...and can be
> > manufactured so it can be used to display digital before you
> > go to sleep you could plug in your cellulose newspaper and have it
> > download the news, unplug it as you walk out the door and then read it on
> > the bus.
> >
> I can see one BIG problem with these "newspapers!" Since they effectively
> work like very thin and very light monitor screens...what happens if I
> want to save something in the paper? I have bunches of things I've torn
> from my papers...might be mentions of myself, recipes that sound tasty
> to me or just articles I want to keep and re-read...or, in fact, might
> be a coupon that gives me $1 off a six-pack of Diet Pepsi!

Don't know if you are kidding or not, but I guess you would do what I do
with my online subscription to the Times, you cut and paste. And speaking
of the NY Times...for me, one of the best things our library offers isn't
the coffee shop, but the online, text searchable, file of the NY Times for
its entire history.

It gives you a PDF of the article. It is amazing to me. No more searching
in the Times index, no more going to the shelf to pull the right roll of
microfilm, no more taking the microfilm to the microfilm reader and then
to the microfilm printer (and paying for the copy)...and best of all, I
can get it all from home.