On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, steven c wrote:

> I recall a story told by a Toronto musician I once knew:
> It seems that, for whatever reason, the Duke Ellington band had arrived
> in Toronto for a show...short their third sax! My acquaintance was a
> sax player (and Ellinton fan) so volunteered his services. He was told
> "Just follow the's all in there..." At the show, he was
> following his charts, when he noticed that the only notation on
> one particular chart and line of music was "Third sax takes 32 bars
> here!"

So probably what we really need to do is save several recorded
performances of that same chart so that future historians will know that
it was never exactly the same each time.

A friend of mine used to remark..."why do people think I am nuts just
because I have over 40 different recordings of Traviata in my collection."