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language labs?

well, one of the best diffusers is a bookshelf full of books. they 
are never the same size, depth, density, or anything. if you have to 
deal with a room that has things which are undesirable, such as being 
in a box or rectangular shape, or with curved walls (aieee), then.... 
well... if you have language labs, maybe you have tons of leftover 
reference books, or can get them from the library when they weed. 
it's no great science, but books are amazing diffusers.  it's 
diffusion you want more than absorption (assuming the room is not 
*too* reflective).  the diffusion will enhance sound, speech 
intelligibility, frequency response, everything.  if you don't like 
the looks of the books, and if they're not interesting, you can cover 
them with fabric.  this *can* be aesthetically pleasing if you've an 
eye for cloth and the like.  the bookshelves should be fairly high 
too, at least covering 2/3 of the wall, certainly higher than the 
average adult, and filled completely with differing sizes of books. 
that's a cheap way out of a bad room if you can't change the wall 

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