Steven Smolian wrote:

  Lou and others P. Lee fanatics,

  Search out a throwaway cut on one of her "Fever" period LPs called, 'Then
  You'll Remember Me."  A terrfic song in an unforgettable arrangement.

  Steve Smolian

We're not thinking of "You'll Remember Me", are we? That was one of the 
follow-ups to "Is
That All There Is", but that's much later than "Fever". Hey, Peggy Lee did a 
creditable version
of "Spinning Wheel" in the late 60s, as well a great Randy Newman number 
called "Love
Story" that got airplay on the stations that still knew what good music was. 
Not too many
singers who first hit it big almost 30 years earlier were turning out decent 
records in the rock
era..Sinatra sure wasn't.


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  EXACTLY one of the reasons I fell in love with jazzy altos when I heard
  Peggy Lee sing Fever, when I was about 10 years old... Too bad she was
  so young and I was so old... I just found the new CD of that fabulous
  record. 2 snap and 4 snap!

  Got nothing to do with RnR!

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  On Mar 30, 2006, at 8:54 AM, Eric Goldberg wrote:

  >  as Duke Ellington said, "Pop your fingers on two and four, one and 
  > is considered too aggressive".