Well, when I Google "Music Library System" I get the Indiana 
University system as the first hit. That's not what I'm talking about 
(sorry Mike!).

This is an old system that someone wrote me about.

>It used either 2 inch tape or 3 inch tape I can't recall which, and 
>had 7 monaural programs of 9 tracks each, color coded in a 
>dial-wheel with places to list what kind of music was on that set of 
>nine track, making a total of 63 tracks...Her unit was mono and a 
>play-and-rewind one program, rewind and play the next.

There was also a bi-directional MLS with capabilities for stereo

I vaguely remember it from the 60s...I think.

Anyone know anything about this?

Oh, my correspondent said the head looked like the one on a Magnabelt machine.



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