Hi, this is the first time I'm writing in this forum and apologize should I
be entering on the back of the subject. Currently we, the South African
Broadcasting Corporation, (member of IASA) are experiencing huge problems
with the format. A lot of our material was stored on Mini Disc, with the
Mini Disc format now becoming obsolete causing huge problems. A measure we
have taken is to moth ball brand new machines for future use. We have
subsequently moved totally away from the format and are currently Archiving
mostly on CD-r and to a lesser degree on DVD. 
Good Luck 

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If you're looking for a more affordable option, Denon and Sony (used  
to?) make rack units that had digital outputs.
We have a Sony MDS-E10; it's built nicely and does a good job helping  
us transfer (via coax) to CD recorder or HD.
The catch is that the only place I've seen them offered lately is eBay.

good luck,

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>> Can anyone recommend a quality, professional mini-disc player? or  
>> make other
>> recommendations on working with mini-discs?
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