That is my experience with Exact Audio Copy -- excellent piece of software.

The disc extraction within Samplitude V8 also is excellent -- and, 
for my work flow, faster, since I'm in Samplitude all day, anyway.

I have not done an actual bit-for-bit test, but, presumably, missing 
or flipped bits would, a good percentage of the time, be audible. I 
find no audible artifacts.

EAC's reporting is superb. Even when it has problems, it recovers the 
audio file.

Did anyone mention it's free?



At 09:06 AM 3/17/2006, [log in to unmask] wrote:
>So, if it is a bit-for-bit extraction with Exact Audio Copy the .wav 
>should be equal to what is on the disc.  Both numerically and 
>sonically, right?

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