It seems as if there were many good ideas flowing to various specific 
email lists lately and some of what I was writing might benefit 
people who don't have time to read all the email lists I try and get 
through every day. It also seems that some of the projects I'm 
working on are cross-platform and, for example, equally involve 
Studer and Sony tape machines. The restoration reflect things which 
I'm involved with and that I'd like to share with other restorers and 

The Restoration Notes Blog is at

I have the RSS feed enabled on the Blog, so if you want to keep track 
of updates, that might be a way to go. I'm experimenting with Snarfer  if you want a suggestion for a Windows RSS tool.

Anyway, please provide feedback as to whether this is useful. Also, 
ideas for articles would be promises, however.

So far the topics cover Studer A810, Sony APR-5000 and APR-16/24, 
tool esoterica, and loading C-0 cassette shells. Watch for more 
information on resolving pilot tracks sometime in the future and Sony 
PR-150 tape's degradation (yes, I have another reel of that stuff in 
to transfer).



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