Based on some experience with native French speakers, Tom, I think I can 
say that this is not one. She has a better French intonation than many 
American singers, and fakes a good French accent when singing in English, 
but her "la la la's" are as American as apple pie.

A quick check of WorldCat indicates that Peggy Lee has recorded this. Any 
chance this is her?

Alec McLane

At 08:30 AM 3/7/2006, Tom Fine wrote:
>I put an MP3 at the above link from a tape I got in, mystery female 
>singer. Yes, this music is not exactly my taste either but here are some 
>relevant facts:
>1. tape is early 60's type, Scotch 202 or something similar. It's not in 
>great shape, not in terrible shape. 15IPS NAB.
>2. Not tones or splices, so I think it's a safety. The audio quality is 
>excellent, and it was obviously done in a good studio with good players 
>behind the singer, so I think it was a major record company gig.
>3. the tape was in a lot of allegedly bulk-erased tapes but the client 
>said it might have come from somewhere else. This 19-minute section, which 
>seems to be an LP side worth of tunes, was spooled onto a 7" reel and was 
>in a plain white box that, based on its condition, was probably later than 
>when the reel was made.
>4. the tape was fast-wound onto the reel but was tails out. As I said 
>earlier, it played OK and did not have any splices except to paper leader 
>at the head and tail. So I think it's a studio copy or a safety.
>Any tips as to who's got the nice pipes, please let me know. Based on her 
>spoken and singing parts on other songs, I would say she is native French 
>or French Canadian. Again, this music is not my taste but based on her 
>intonation, the fact that there is a good orchestra behind her with tight 
>arrangements and the way she is mixed clearly out front of the band, I'd 
>say she is a pro and this was a real-deal record company gig.
>-- Tom Fine

Alec McLane
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