Bob, thanks for the link. MY HEAD HURTS...

I found this, there:

Drive System: Capstan - MICROCASSETTE, Reel drive - MINICASSETTE

REEL DRIVE??? I had forgotten that Minicassette was REEL/RIM drive 
YUCK! Thank goodness we have DC6 and Samplitude 8.

Tape speed: When using the MICROCASSETTE, adjustable -20 to +40% (2.4 cm/sec.)
When using the MINICASSETTE, adjustable -25 to +50%

This unit doesn't handle 1.2 cm/sec (15/32 in/s) which some/many 
microcassette recorders can record at and the varispeed is only -20% 
so that can't get you there, either. Granted, my approach doesn't get 
you anything but 4.8 cm/sec, but with 2x speed reduction, I still 
provide 10 kHz bandwidth (more later) and for the 1.2 cm/sec, we 
still have 5 kHz bandwidth. On the digital side, we have more, but 
I'm limiting the playback bandwidth to 20 kHz for the Dragon - record 
with 40 kHz bandwidth.

Frequency Response: 300-4,000 Hz

Here's the "more" This is probably all that the system was rated at, 
but machines often record more information than they play back. Hence 
my desire to use the Dragon to capture as much as possible (within 
limits) of what was recorded.

Oh, and some of the Forensic functions of the JBR CAN be accomplished 
on the Tascam 238 8-track cassette player (although it plays at 3.75 
in/s (9.6 cm/s).

I understand the need to quickly make an access copy, for which I 
think something like this is perfect. But if you're doing 
preservation transfers, I think the method I proposed offers a better option.



At 04:35 PM 3/23/2006, Bob Wasserman wrote:
>I have got 2 "quality" office models in the past couple of years 
>from our local university surplus, one was new in the box for only a 
>few dollars, and it does both Micro AND mini cassettes. Here is a 
>link to similar unit:

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