The archival gold DVD-R has a gold metal reflective layer, but the dye is
not phthalocyanine. The archival gold CD-R uses a gold metal reflective
layer and stable phthalocyanine dye and is very stable. Therefore, the
relative stability of the gold DVD-R versus the gold CD-R is less and
potentially considerably less. If you decide to go with a DVD recordable
product, then I would recommend the gold metal layered discs over the
silver alloy ones as the gold does protect against oxidation of the metal
layer. I do plan to test the gold DVD-Rs in the future to see where on the
relative stability scale they actually fall.

   MAM sells this archival gold DVD-R product. Delkin and Kodak also sell
      MAM media under their brand name. All are good quality.


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On Fri, 24 Mar 2006, Steven Smolian wrote:

> It follows that archivally-intended projects for which the final storage
medium is the DVD should also be preserved at 44.1/16 on gold CDs until
is a gold DVD on the market.

I believe MAM makes an "archival" Gold DVD-R which sells for about $90 for

However, I still support the notion of the 44.1/16 gold 650MB disc backup
because of the availability and standardization of the playback modality.