At 10:38 PM 3/24/2006, David Lennick wrote:
>Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
>  I like bubble wrap better.
>I wish some of the dealers who swear by styrofoam chips would 
>receive 4 boxes in the same
>day filled with these things which have all picked up static charges 
>in transit and have to deal
>with trying to get the damn things out of the record sleeves.

I have the same issue with incoming tape boxes and equipment. It's a 
losing battle with ePay sellers.

I have found two very useful accessories in dealing with the peanuts:
  (1) my 11-year old son
  (2) a vacuum cleaner. The last shipment cost me a bag for the 
Kenmore Cannister vac and was
      well worth it.
       I grab these vacs off Freecycle and have them at "point of use."

On I say

(3) Please do not use plastic/styrofoam peanuts: it's bad for the 
tapes (they generate static) and they fly all over the place when the 
boxes are opened. Please use bubble wrap or other similar padding 
such as flexible foam sheets. Please do not use any packing material 
that creates dust like shredded paper.

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