From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

----- this is the thread about editing to get a satisfactory result.

The best-spoken person I know about who was in favour of detailled editing 
and who took pride in being able to that himself was Glenn Gould. I respect 
his attitude, but I prefer no editing -- so-called warts-and-all -- for my 
own enjoyment. In other words, broadcast transmissions from concerts would 
come close.

I still remember an almost physical experience I had ca. 1975. It was 
reproduction on loudspeakers with enhanced difference signal: normal pair at 
front and a series connection of two "side speakers" (one on each side) fed 
from the hot ends of the stereo channels. Bang & Olufsen had this as a 
standard set-up, and the stereo perspective could be quite staggering. The 
experience regarded a Sviatoslav Richter recording from his "Italian tour", I 
believe it was from 1962. Richter gave concerts in many halls, and they were 
all recorded - the grand was the same, because it travelled with him. When 
the record was edited he was quite firm about what he wanted: "these bars 
from Bari, this from Rome, these from Milan, these from Bari, again, etc.". 
It all sounded very well, but the stereo perspective and ambience (which was 
artificially enhanced by the speaker setup) fluctuated wildly, indicating the 
actual cuts. I have not done an effort to recreate that experience myself 
since, for instance using headphones.

Kind regards,