Actually, Victor Herbert played 'cello in Eduard Strauss' orchestra in, if I 
recall correctly, the summer of 1880.

Herbert's performance of the "Du und Du Walzer," is far different from any 
other J. Strauss performance I ever heard- much more "schwungvoll" than even 
Kna or Stolz.

I recall reading in a not-to-long-ago-Grove article that, among the reasons 
the waltz was considered an evil dance was that the man held the woman' 
right hand in his left and steered her by having his right hand on her 
breast.  Brings a new insight into the expression, "save the last dance for 
me."  I'm hoping to post this to the Classic Record Collector site this 

And one could believe this, hearing the way Herbert conducts Strauss, the 
only example I know of a recording by this composer by him, and far less 
sedate and polite than recordings by him of whatles by other composers, 
including himself.

Stock claimed he spent a summer in Vienna learning how to conduct "the 
waltz" as well.  Judging by his recorded triangular examples, he flunked the 

Steve Smolian

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>  Regarding Fiedler's work in Johann Strauss III's orchestra, in her
> biography of her father Johana Fiedler says that he toured in the 
> orchestra during the
> summer of 1912. That's the only year she lists. If he did it during any 
> other
> year it would still probably only have been in the summer, because Fiedler
> was a student in Berlin for the rest of the year as well as playing second
> violin in the Berlin String quartet (his father played first). The family 
> returned
> to Boston for good in 1915, so the summer of 1912 seems to be the only
> definite time that Fiedler could have been in any of Strauss's recordings.
>  Did Strauss make any recordings in the summer of 1912? Is there a
> discography of them that gives recording dates? That would be nice to have 
> in any case.
>  Don Tait
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