Steven Smolian wrote:

> Stock claimed he spent a summer in Vienna learning how to conduct "the 
> waltz" as well.  Judging by his recorded triangular examples, he flunked 
> the course.

No doubt, I should let this pass - we have wandered from what I believe 
is called our topic - but I cannot resist.

There is a recent DVD of Die Fledermaus from Glyndebourne conducted by 
Vladimir Jurowski who explains the waltz in one of the supplements. He 
provides detail, examples and exposition; unfortunately, he does not 
conduct in the style he preaches.

However, he does go up on stage for the bows and the Frank of the 
performance, Artur Korn, comes down to the pit so the music is not 
interrupted. And there in a few minutes of the Radetzky March we hear 
exactly what this music is all about.

Incidentally, one still needs to step back in time for a performance 
which captures the Schwung. There's a still more recent DVD of a 1980 
production from Salzburg directed by Otto Schenk and conducted by 
Theodor Guschlbauer. That's the baseline - and it would be even if the 
cast were not so nearly perfect.

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