Hi David:

My friend sold his collection to Gerosa Records in Danbury, CT.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>  My friend who says he is "downsizing" his life just sold off his LP 
> collection. All in good
>  condition, a lot of audiophile pressings, mostly rock but plenty of jazz 
> (at least what's left
>  after
>  I had a freebie day) and a smattering of classical. He got $4500 for the 
> pile. Definitely less
>  than
>  he paid, by a long shot, but remember he collected for 30+ years and he at 
> first considered
>  just
>  dropping the whole van-full of records off at the local library. So there 
> IS still some value in
>  them thar piles of olde vinyl. The buyer will undoubtedly make more than 
> he paid selling
>  them one by
>  one on ebone.
>  -- Tom Fine
> And on the other side of the coin, I've been asked to help a dying collector 
> who has what I'd
> call a gorgeous collection of mostly classical LPs....about 20,000 discs and 
> all "good ones".
> He'd like to see the collection stay intact. So far, every Canadian library 
> and university he's
> tried has turned him down. A dealer may be the next step.
> dl