Well, I have a 228 here that I use for parts.  I don't know what might 
be left on it.  I'm not exactly sure which rollers you are referring to. 
  I always thought the transport design was basically the same from 
model to model.  Maybe I'm wrong.

As far as the plug.  I have been searching for years for a source of 
Jones plugs in that configuration.  A good friend of mine simply 
soldered a couple leads on an RCA jack and stuck that into the output. 
It works for him.  If you do find a source, though, let us know.  I've 
got a Webster amp we'd like to use as a guitar amp.  I'd like keep it 
original and make adapter cables rather than modify it.

Angie Dickinson Mickle
Avocado Productions
Arvada, CO

Jerry McBride wrote:
> We have a Webster 80 wire recorder that is in good shape, but needs some 
> light refurbishing. The two rubber pinch rollers right by the record and 
> playback heads need to be replaced because they are too hard and dried 
> out. Does anyone know where these can be acquired?
> Also it is missing the microphone and the line out, both of which have 
> special plugs. We'll probably improvise the line-out plug, but if anyone 
> knows a source for that, it would be helpful. Thanks.
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