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We have a Webster 80 wire recorder that is in good shape, but needs some 
light refurbishing. The two rubber pinch rollers right by the record and 
playback heads need to be replaced because they are too hard and dried out. 
Does anyone know where these can be acquired?

This is confusing. There are no pinch rollers in any consumer wire recorder 
I've seen. The wire is driven by the take-up spool.  There is only one head for 
record and play.

I've never had a problem with the drive wheels of Webster-Chicago equipment. 
The ones in the wire recorders I have are in remarkably good condition and I'm 
using a contemporary Webster Chicago changer with it's original drive idler 
which is quite satisfactory even though it has a slight dent from having been 
left engaged for a few decades.

This is a mystery to me because Magnacord pucks are like rock and Ampex 
rubber turns to goo.  Somebody knew how to make good rubber parts once. How did the 
art get lost?

I wonder if you have some sort of heavily modified Model 80 or something else 
in a Model 80 box.

Mike Csontos