This is a **very** 
specialized application.

If I were in your shoes, I would call the Clerk of Court for your nearest
federal district court. They should be able to give you make/model no.
information for what they use, and this could be a departure point for your

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel on this. Failing that, other state
legislatures should be able to guide you to officials who have similar
technical responsibilities.

In short, this is a narrow, mission critical area.

The Microboards people are great, but this is a bit out of their league.

The Sony BM-246 was used for this, but has been discontinued. Another
specialized vendor for this market is

Parker Dinkins
MasterDigital Corporation
CD Mastering + Audio Restoration

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> As a little background, we are responsible for recording the
> proceedings of the Tennessee General Assembly, and we are currently
> using Lanier Advocate V dual-deck audiocassette conference recorders. As
> we record, we also create a log sheet, or index, using a laptop and
> Word, to serve as a guide to the information that is on the tape for
> future research purposes.