I couldn't think of a better way to prove my point that without completely 
annotated music, for thosw wishing to perform the music as its creators 
intended, a properly qualified recording is a defining document.

A qualified recording is one made by the creator(s) of the music or those 
known to be aware of and to deliberately implement that tradition.

Steve Smolian

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> James Brown is noted for pushing the ONE beat, creating the amazing 
> rhythmic drive of his music.
> Russ Hamm
> My assumption has always been that the rock'n'roll drummers of
>>that period simply weren't competent enough to master that, and
>>instead went to the "one-two-THREE-four" that backed up rock
>>from that point until much later. Contemporary pop music uses
>>a "funk" dance rhythm that is lifted from Black artists, most
>>notably James Brown...which, if carefully analyzed, turns out
>>to be based on the old tango rhythm.
>>Anybody out there in Radio-Land make any sense of this?
>>Steven C. Barr
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