I am holding one of those very 1/4 inch splicing dispensers in my hands
now.....BUT, the label has fallen off, so I can't tell you who made them.  I
have a feeling it was memory fails me.  Otherwise, I use
the blue Quantegy tape and have it on a tape dispenser and just cut off what
I need with a razor blade.  I think the blue is archivally more acceptable
and least sticky than the really handy dispenser one!



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Does anyone make/sell quarter-inch splicing tabs anymore? I'm talking about
the white tabs you put 
over a splice-cut on quarter-inch tape. Back in the tape heyday, places like
Gotham Audio used to 
give away tab dispensers at trade shows. I thought I had stockpiled enough,
but no. I much prefer 
the tabs to regular blue splicing tape, tabs take much less time to peel and
stick. I think someone 
still makes sheets of cassette-splicing tabs, so do the same folks make 1/4"

-- Tom Fine