Steve Ramm wrote:

> Phil Hit my point right on the head. As I said these are not Rappers. And  as
> for tape. There is a guy there that made mixtapes using some reel to real
> tape. As I said, it's worth renting as it's well done and I'll await others
> comments on the "stash of vinyl" in the basement which contains a few 100,000
> vinyl LPs.
> Just like watching "March of the Penguins" to learn more about them and
> their environment, watching "Scratch" will show you an interesting subculture,
> who may well keep the vinyl record alive.
> Oh yes, as I understand it, the needles are made for scratching. Radio
> stations used to "scratch" the intros to cue up a 45. I learned the hard way at
> home that this didn't work with consumer turntables!

It didn't work on station equipment either as long as 45s were pressed on styrene.
Not only did back-cuing put a cue scratch on the disc that remained
play would usually destroy the grooves.

> There's also a film titled "Vinyl" but I haven't seen it yet.

Don't torture yourself. I got through twenty minutes of that thing..and I'm a
collector..and I know a number of the people who were interviewed in it....and all
it is is a massive jerkoff by the filmmaker. Better he should have spent the budget
on a few visits to a psychiatrist. "Ghost" gives you more insight into the mind of
a serious record collector than "Vinyl" ever will.