What you want to do is find an option that will let you output a digital 
audio signal to a PC.

To do this you have two options, a component unit that can output a 
digital audio signal (AES/EBU or S/PDIF) or a portable that has a USB or 
S/PDIF out.

If you're outputting via S/PDIF, you'll need a PC audio interface that 
can accept S/PDIF input.  I'm a big fan of the DAL Card Deluxe, but on 
the lower end Edirol makes a S/DIF input that you can plug into a USB port.

The only currently available rack-mount MD unit I've been able to locate 
is the TASCAM MD-350, which B&H is selling for around $370, and it's got 
a S/PDIF out.  The unit I use, Sony MDS-E10, has been great but it's no 
longer made.

As far as portables go both the Marantz PMD650 (no longer made) and the 
HHB MDP500 (around $1500) can output a digital signal via S/PDIF or USB.

In all the above cases the digital transfers must be made in real time.

You might be able to find the Sony MDS-E10 or the related -E11 or -E12 
used, but when I last checked on Ebay they were pretty scare and pricer 
than I would have liked.  A Marantz PMD650 or HHB MDP500 might turn up 
there too.

To the best of my knowledge you cannot use a HiMD player to upload ATRAC 
audio recorded on a standard (i.e. old format) MiniDisc to a PC, but I 
could be wrong about this.



McCormick, Kathleen wrote:
> A majority of the oral history recordings we have received in the last 5-6 years are on mini-disc. Our current system of duplication involves connecting a portable Sony MD recorder via 1/8 inch/RCA cable into a CD player. This system appears to have been a financial neccessity when this process first began (I'm relatively new & didn't set it up) but is woefully inadequate in terms of capturing optimal sound (at least in my estimation). 
> Can anyone recommend a quality, professional mini-disc player? or make other recommendations on working with mini-discs?
> Thanks,
> Katie McCormick
> Reference Archivist & 
> Coordinator for the Oral History Program
> Special Collections Dept., J. Murrey Atkins Library
> UNC - Charlotte


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