Second for Plextor! I've burned hundreds, maybe thousands of CDR's on the 12X Plextor drive and the 
same amount on the Plextor Pro drive in the studio. And by now hundreds of DVD's and CD's on the 
firewire Plextor 16xDVD/48xCD drive. Never had a coaster, never had a customer complaint, never made 
an audio disc that won't play in the car (my acid-test).

I see Plextor still makes CDRW drives:

They still make the firewire DVD burner I have:
and the internal IDE version is substantially less costly.
and they make a SATA version too:
That'll be like the firewire in that there just won't be data slowdowns like can happen on an IDE 

Plextor is the best I've ever dealt with as far as being able to burn hundreds and hundreds of discs 
and not breaking down (yet). That 12x CDRW drive is going on 5 years old now.

-- Tom Fine
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> Steven Smolian wrote:
>> I suddenly have to replace my internal CD burner (computer internal, not human).  I expect to 
>> burn CDs and MP3s, as the latter is what folks are asking me for who are posting what I give them 
>> to the net.  What is the consensus?
> And what, sir, makes you think there will be a consensus?
> <VBG>
> I'm not at all sure that quality drives without DVD write capability are still being produced. I 
> am told by knowledgable people - those who measure performance - that the Plextor 8x writers 
> delivered the highest quality most consistently. The falloff to the Plextor 12x was slight and in 
> the real world buffer underrun protection, unavailable on the 8x machines, is on the 12x. If my 
> workhorse 1210s ever fails, another is waiting - and I have an 8x tucked away just in case.
> Most combination units are optimized to write DVDs and while many are competent to write CDs they 
> do not deliver the low error rates of drives without DVD capability. Limiting write speed to 12x 
> or 16x is recommended in any case to keep error rates low. All quality media I've tested seem 
> optimized in that range and produce excellent results at 12x. Drives rated to write at 32x and 
> above are unlikely to write well at such slow speeds.
> Plextor has had refurbished drives available from their site, but often you'll find one eBay store 
> better stocked than they are. I'm afraid that the odds on finding an unused drive rated for less 
> than 24x max speed are not very good.
> Mike
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