Charles Lawson wrote:

> This echoes my experiences precisely.  The best record speed for all media
> I have tried in my Plextors is 4-8X.  Below 4X, the error rate begins a
> slow increase.  Above 8X, the error rate increases roughly exponentially.

The performance varies substantially with the medium. The Mitusi I use 
for routine work has prohibitively high error rates when written at 4x 
and is marginal at 8x but is error-free at 12x. My T-Y blanks are 
acceptable at 4x, optimal at 8x and nearly optimal at 12x. Note that 
other Mitsui and T-Y lines may give different results.

Why two lines? When I send a master out to be pressed, I send two copies 
on different media recorded at different speeds; I test each disc to 
verify that it has no soft or hard errors - I really would not like to 
have to order replacements because my master had been misread.

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