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Wow, the tape fairies are in the air! I had the same experience with an early 
60's reel of AudioTape 
mylar-backed on Friday evening. 

I've yet to have a problem playing a tape made between 1950 and 1965.  Most 
of this was the cheapest tape I could buy so I'm not talking about high 
quality, just that it is now just as good (bad) as it was when new. 

Unfortunately around 1980 I spent a considerable amount of time transferring 
and editing material from that era to new, professional grade tape. I am 
having trouble playing some of those transfers. 

Now should I go back to the originals and spend the time again, though less 
with the help of digital editing, to make new copies on a possibly even less 
durable medium?  I'm too old to maintain the copies myself for another 25 years, 
and who else will?

Mike Csontos