Hi Bob:

Not doubting a play on a Victrola will chip off all the paint, but how can you describe your disk as 
"pristine" when it's been cored out by a Victrola needle backed by a couple pounds of pressure? How 
doesn't that ruin the grooves? Curious ...

--Tom Fine

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Turp might do it . but not if it's latex paint. I'd test an ungrooved portion with a Q TIP with turp 
on it to see if it would damage the shellac. You will have to wash the record with water once the 
test spot has dried. If the shellac  has been damaged, it will show up as a dull spot .

A playing on a victrola will probably clean out most of the paint. I cleaned a 16 inch shellac disc 
that was inundated with paint specks which nothing else would remove. I still have that dic and it 
is in pristeen shape.

Best Of Luck !

Bob Hodge

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Dear friends:

I've just received a commercially produced acoustic 78 with what looks to
be thick paint splotches on the record surface. Suggestions about removing
it would be welcome. This web site says that industrial alcohol,
blue spirited alcohol and turpentine are OK. Confirmation would be great.

Many thanks,


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