Now wait - it was a famous mastering engineer who taught me the value 
of *0.1 dB* changes in EQ and level - and the artists learned it from 
him (and me by extension). And there are times when SAMPLE moves are 
needed to drop the note in the pocket, not even milliseconds...

PLus the effect of the cheering and hugging when I was able to remove 
one very short string buzz in a harp solo made all the rest of the pain 
worthwhile! And we get paid by the hour anyway, right?!?

<grin> just being devil's advocate. I love perfect live performances 
best too!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On Mar 21, 2006, at 6:42 AM, Marcos Sueiro wrote:

> So true. So goes also with artists who want to change the volume of 
> one track in the mix by half of one dB, or move one note in a solo by 
> miliseconds.