At 10:36 AM 3/24/2006, Steven Smolian wrote:

>  At the moment, I have no experience working with audio encoded DVDs. Might we hear from those who 
> do?

I just got DiscWelder, the $100 version, which creates DVD-A's with video black (ie no menus, 
behaves like a CD in the DVD machine). They make versions up to $1+K that are robust DVD-A 
multi-channel authoring interfaces.

My purpose was, now that blank DVD's are down to a quarter or less, I want to listen to my 96/24 
digi-transfers in the living room, where I have a DVD/SACD/CD player. So this is more leisure than 
preservation. I don't claim to be a golden ears but there are subtle differences between CD audio 
and higher-resolution digital and I enjoy the higher-rez. Plus, 4 channel capability for those quad 
transfers. Oh, and if you are working with CD-quality, hours and hours per disc.

-- Tom Fine