I'm trying to figure out if the Sony MDS-B4P (or the MDS-B46 for that 
matter) can handle 80 minute MDs and later versions of ATRAC for playback.

Knowing Sony's track record I'm a little skeptical.

Iím hoping you folks can help, and any insight to this would be greatly 
appreciated as there is very little info on this unit that I can find on 
the Web.

At work we have an MDS-E10 we use for MD transfer, but this unit would 
be for home and as a work back up.  My fiance' (a linguistic 
anthropologist) and I (folklorist/archivist) have many MDs of our own 
research recordings that we want to reformat.

While I'm on the subject, has anybody noticed that Sony MDS-E10 units 
are selling used for *more* than their original list?  Boggles the mind.




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