What's even more frightening is the cartoon from 3/17
in which Jeremy said that he was busy doing research
for a history paper due the next day. His mother muses
"Ah, research! When I think of the hours I spent at
the library when I was your age..." Jeremy then says
"Done!," turns around and asks " went to a

I actually thought the strip's language was a little
stilted when he asked for the URL. I thought for sure
he would ask for the name of the article and just
google it.*

* Google (v) = "to search for information on the
Internet, esp. using the Google search engine."
( from Webster's New
Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v

Thom Pease

> Lou Judson wrote:
>  Gee, that makes sense to me! I missed the article
as my online sub 
>  the NYTimes somehow lapsed...
>  Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio
>  415-883-2689
>  On Mar 21, 2006, at 5:09 PM, David Lennick wrote:
>  > Not necessarily....anyone see yesterday's "Zits"
comic strip? The
>  > father is
>  > laughing uproariously and tells the kid, "Jeremy,
you have to read 
> this
>  > newspaper article." The son replies,
"Okay...what's the URL?"
>  Or he could even say, Text it to me, only that
would be "txt2M" in 
>  language.
>  ;-)(

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